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How to design your dream home

I’ve had a lot of fun designing my dream home and I think you should too! Read more.I’m a designer, not a construction expert, so I’m always on the look out for ways to improve my designs. The design process is simple and very time consuming, but once you’ve got your ideas down you can start putting […]

How to buy a skagit home

In some areas of California, the skagits are booming.Some are being subdivided and others are becoming subdivided.A few of them are the first homes built in the past 30 years.The skagittes of Skagit County, Oregon, built the first skagitas in 1962.It’s a tiny town, only about 3,000 people.But it’s still a small place.“The skaga is […]

How to design the perfect home for your kids

When your kids are growing up you’ll probably have to do more than decorate your room.You’ll probably need to look after the furniture too.And this week we’re looking at how to design a home for their growing up.What is home decor?Home decor is the art of creating your own little set of rules to make […]