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Which home designs should you buy?

The new home design craze is heating up, and that’s making it harder for designers to get their work done.Homebuyers can now opt to spend more on designs that are less expensive than the traditional styles, and more expensive than traditional homes.The latest trend is to look for a design that is less expensive and […]

Why you should build your own green home

Green homes are being more popular, with new homes coming on the market that use recycled materials and energy efficiency.But are they sustainable?We look at some of the issues that arise when building a home that’s designed to be green.article We look to find out whether the new homes are environmentally sustainable and if they’ll […]

Home design consultant ‘came to love’ the home of her favourite actor, writer, actress and musician – from her own childhood to her current career

When you think of home design, it’s hard to escape the idea of a sleek, minimalist home.However, if you’re a home designer, it may come as a shock to learn that home design consultant Lisa Atherton’s childhood home in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the most iconic home designs in Australia.Lisa was born and raised […]