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The Latest Home Design Trends

A home designer might have a few designs to work with.But how many can you really trust?Hygge Home Design looks at trends in home design and says that in 2018, a majority of designers are still working in the realm of traditional designs.Hygygge’s 2018 Home Style Trends report says that only 25% of designers who […]

Syncb home designs for the digital age

Syncb is one of the most well-known home design trends for the past decade or so, and it’s still in its infancy.Its latest creation, the Syncb B-Bed, has a design that has been praised for its simplicity, simplicity in function, and even for its lightness.Here’s what you need to know about the Sync-B.What is a […]

‘Colonial’ home designs could be ‘colonial’

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says it has proposed a new definition of “colonial” to define what constitutes a “colonial home design” and is proposing to classify many of the homes that Americans have lived in for decades as “cultural heritage.”The definition, which would apply to any home that “remains in the […]

Ikea Home Design: The New Era in Modern Design

A new generation of home designers is coming into the market.In recent years, home designs have become more sophisticated, and more modern in their use of technology and digital design.A recent survey by NPD Group showed that a majority of respondents preferred to buy their homes online.It is important to note, however, that this trend […]

How Reddit has transformed the home gym

The home gym is the place to be in your own living room, or your kitchen.If you’re looking for an alternative to the gym, you can now choose from thousands of free home design and design-based websites.The home design site DesignSpan, which aims to improve your personal and professional life through content, design and interactive […]