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How to build your dream home in under $10,000

From the backyard to the poolside, design ideas can easily cost less than $10k.But, is it worth it? The answer to that is “yes” for the vast majority of the people who buy homes for themselves.For this segment of buyers, the answer is “absolutely”, according to a survey conducted by US firm KPMG in partnership with TheStreet.The […]

How to Design a New Home Design

In today’s era of digital transformation, designers are no longer the sole innovators.Today, we are increasingly dependent on a wide range of digital and offline tools to help us create, manage and customize our home, but the tools are often not designed to help with the design process.This article will explain how to design a […]

Why you should build your own green home

Green homes are being more popular, with new homes coming on the market that use recycled materials and energy efficiency.But are they sustainable?We look at some of the issues that arise when building a home that’s designed to be green.article We look to find out whether the new homes are environmentally sustainable and if they’ll […]

The new home designs of famous home designers

New home designs from famous home design experts like Mabel and Mabel Loo, who have been helping people create amazing designs for their homes, have been revealed for free online.The home designs on the free website,, are inspired by real-life experiences like the opening of a hotel, a wedding, or a birth, as well […]