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Why this home depot is the best of the best

The home depot, a chain of discount home goods stores, has the best sales per square foot of any home-improvement store in the country.Its sales per unit (SPU) is more than 20 percent above the national average.That’s according to a study published by Nielsen, which tracks home-equity data.The home-depot sales per SPU is nearly 10 […]

How to Design a Home with a Roof of Fire

We’ve all been there.You’ve got a great idea for your home, but you just don’t know how to get the design right.This article is designed to help you create the perfect home with your roof of fire.Whether you’re looking to create a home in a single-family house or multi-family homes, we’ll show you how to […]

How to design a home in Kerala

Kerala, India, is an epicenter of Indian-origin home design.It’s also a hotbed of interest for designers from all over the world.Here are some of the home design tips that have helped me to come up with the most interesting designs for Kerala home designs.1.The “tombstone” theme: As with many of the designs in Kerala, the […]