An elite design team at the top of luxury homebuilding is out with a new home design that aims to keep the price of your home in check.

The home is called The Babe.

It was designed by a team of designers from the top five luxury homebuilders in India, and is set to be the first new home in India to be unveiled this year.

It will be made of white concrete with a gold plated steel base and a silver trim.

It’s not the first home in the world to feature the Babe, but it is the first to be built in India.

The Babe will be on sale from August.

It is a bit of a surprise.

We’re talking about the home of the country’s wealthiest man, Mukesh Ambani, who has been working to bring the world’s richest people together since 2012.

We had a great collaboration with them.

The fact that we got this project to the top and we were able to work with them on this, I think, speaks volumes about the quality of the team at their disposal.

The architect of the home, B.M. Srivastava, told The Times that the Babe is “a new house with an international dimension.”

In fact, The Babe is the most expensive house in the history of India, according to a report from the Mumbai-based homebuilder, Rizvi Group.

The company has a design that is meant to be unique and affordable, but in this instance it’s also meant to create a feeling of exclusivity, meaning that no one else will be able to touch it.

Srivastavas team has also come up with a special method to create the home’s distinctive aesthetic.

Its a mix of marble and wood and has a “natural floor,” a kind of stone floor that creates a sense of isolation.

He says the team has used “natural materials, like stone, granite, bamboo, and other natural materials.”

It is one of the first homes built in the country with a “lifestyle” element to it.

The team is aiming to create an “authentic living experience” that is accessible to all.

But is it the best design?

We really wanted to make this a truly unique, modern house.

That’s what we wanted to do.

It’s an innovative, forward-thinking home that will stand out from the crowd.

But there is a question mark about its affordability, given the luxury home market in India has been so expensive.

Sivaprasad Kulkarni, managing director of Riziv Group, said the Babe will cost between $1.5 million and $2 million, which is a little expensive for a luxury home, but a lot more affordable than what most people can afford.

The average price of a home in Mumbai, the capital of India’s southern state of Maharashtra, is about $6.2 million.

It also includes land and building materials.

But he also pointed out that it will not be a cheap home.

In the past, builders have often been able to build homes in Mumbai for a fraction of what the average Mumbai resident pays for a property.

So, a person can still afford to live in a home like this, but if you want to be an elite designer, you might want to look elsewhere.

For example, an international designer could build a luxury house in Mumbai that costs twice as much as the average Indian house, he said.

It would still be very affordable.

Rizvi’s new home is the second in a series of projects it has been putting together in Mumbai.

In May, it unveiled a new version of its luxury home called The Bambino.

It is also a project with the company that is working on a luxury apartment complex in Mumbai called The Belmont.

Rishabh Desai, co-founder of the Belmont, said in an interview with The Times, “There are so many factors that have to be taken into account in designing a luxury project.

If you’re trying to design a luxury estate in Mumbai or New Delhi, you can’t just look at the cost of the project, you have to take into account the price you will have to pay for your materials and building and maintenance.

I think the best thing you can do is to go for a project that has a mix that is affordable, in terms of the building materials and the building material, the maintenance.”

While many luxury home designers are focused on building new luxury homes, other luxury homemakers are focused more on keeping the price in check and maintaining the quality.

In fact a number of the major luxury home builders are also working on luxury apartments, which means the demand for luxury homes in India is likely to continue to grow.

Forbes reports that more than half of India is living in luxury apartments.

So the demand from the world is there, but how much will it be in the next few years?

Riziv’s design team is working hard to find the answer.