Designer Aida Tijerina is launching a $4 million project to build a home inspired by her favorite designer, Tiffany Home Design, in honor of the designer’s 90th birthday.

The $4.8 million project, titled Aida, Aida and Tiffany, is named for Tiffany’s “Tiffany Home,” which was named the best design in the United States by the American Institute of Architects.

The project is being led by architecture firm NBBJ, and it includes design work by the architectural firm Gensler.

The company is developing the project with the help of Genslers design studio, Genselman Architects, which has a long history of partnering with designers, as well as Tijarina, who was the architect of the home in which the designs were created.

The design team is led by Tijera Tijinas, and the project is to be financed by the Tijara family of Italy.

The first phase of the project will focus on the design and building of the house and will include two phases.

The second phase will focus exclusively on the house’s exterior, while the third phase will build the house itself.

Tijeda said that while her love of the design has always been an influence on her work, she is also excited about the opportunity to bring this passion to fruition.

“My heart was so full of love for Tiffany,” Tijermans said.

“Her work was such a reflection of everything I wanted to build.

I am so excited to work on this project and build a beautiful home that will stand out from the rest of my house.”

“TIFFANY HAD A BIG HEART” For Tijerias, the design inspiration was particularly significant.

“When I saw that Tiffany was so influential in my own life and my own career, I was very happy that she had such a big heart,” Tiyera said.

Tiyara said that the design team will begin working on the project in January and that it will likely take another two years to complete.

The Aida house is slated to be built on land owned by the Speroni family, who are from Italy and are a close family.

They own a 7,000-square-foot home on the shore of Lake Luca in Italy’s Lombardy region and have lived there since the 1960s.

The Speronias’ property is located in the Ponte del Valle region and overlooks Lake Lucanico, the largest lake in the Italian Alps.

Tishara said she hopes the project and the home’s architecture will bring a sense of permanence to the area.

“I want the people who live in the area to feel like they have a home,” Tishada said.