I’ve had a lot of fun designing my dream home and I think you should too! 

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I’m a designer, not a construction expert, so I’m always on the look out for ways to improve my designs. 

The design process is simple and very time consuming, but once you’ve got your ideas down you can start putting them into practice.

The first step is to set a budget.

The goal here is to create a project that is budget-friendly.

This will help you set your design budget and give you a clear path to follow.

Once you have a budget you can work out how much you’ll need to design a home for your specific needs.

Your budget can then be broken down into five categories: space, cost, budget for materials, and materials used.

If you have your own home studio you can also work out the cost of your work, but you need to be realistic with that.

It’s worth taking a look at a few guidelines to help you narrow down your budget. 

If you are making your own space and the home is for someone else, it’s likely you need at least a 1,000sq ft (or 20m2) living space.

If you want to make your own furniture, you can set aside 500sq ft and have the space cost around 1,500sq ft.

You could also work with your neighbours to find the space that works best for you. 

These guidelines are a great way to get a clear idea of what your budget will be and to work out what you can spend on materials. 

Once you have set a few things down you’re ready to start designing.

First you need a basic design plan.

You can create your own basic design by looking through the available templates on the DreamPlan website.

To help you work out your budget, there are a number of templates you can use. 

There are also a number of designers and illustrators on the DreamPlan website that you can reach out to for help.

Find a home design designer online to help design your own dream home. 

When you’ve completed your home design you can then start looking at what you’ll pay for materials.

Materials like marble, concrete, and metal all cost a lot more than what you might think.

So if you’re considering getting a larger space, you may need to consider the cost per square foot, the cost to build, and how much it would cost to purchase the materials needed. 

For example, a 1m2 living room with marble and concrete costs around $1,000 to build.

You can work with an artist to come up with a cost estimate and work out exactly how much marble and stone you need. 

Find a space where you can make your dream house and make sure you have the right size for the space. 

You can also check out how big your space will be, to help with the final price. 

To save money, you might also want to look into buying some furniture or appliances you can sell off at a lower cost. 

Check out my guide to budgeting here.