Verona, Ohio — The home of American legend Frank Sinatra has been home to the home’s namesake for more than two decades.

But now, as it continues to thrive as a trendy, multifamily, and creative home design destination, the home will soon be changing its name to the “American Home Design Museum.”

The museum will be located in downtown Verona.

It will showcase the work of American home design masters such as Norman Foster, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Henry Moore.

American Home Artifacts and Cultural Resources director Lisa Hensley told Politico the museum would “re-envision” the home as an institution dedicated to helping Americans appreciate the art and craft of home design.

“Our goal is to create a museum of American architecture and home design that would reflect the rich diversity of American design traditions and that would give a new meaning to the term ‘American Home,” Hensly said.

The “American” in the name means that the home is an expression of American culture and is part of America.

Americans are among the most prolific buyers of American-made home design in the world, according to the American Home Design Institute, and American Home Museum and Museum of American Art are among museums that specialize in American design.