The American Home Designer is proud to present our 2016 Home Design Survey, in which we asked a panel of experts to answer the question, “Which is the Best Way to Design a Home?”

As part of the survey, participants were asked to provide an overview of their home’s design goals, including its interior design and design features, materials, and function.

The experts’ answers to these questions will be featured throughout this article.

In the end, we narrowed the results down to three choices.

First, we asked our panel of home design experts to choose their favorite home design method, based on the following criteria: A home’s appearance, function, and overall aesthetic.

A home should be comfortable, welcoming, and inviting to all.

The home should have a large outdoor space for entertaining.

It should be visually pleasing and aesthetically pleasing.

It must be spacious and comfortable.

The design should be “inspired by nature” and offer a sense of adventure.

A house should have space for both personal space and social activities.

A big-screen television is essential to a great home experience.

The main floor of the home should not interfere with the living area.

The primary purpose of the house should be to create space for children, grandchildren, and family.

The family should be able to visit the home from many different locations and time zones.

In general, a home should look appealing to the eye and be accessible to people with disabilities.

Finally, the home must have at least one exterior wall and at least two windows that are large enough for a child to safely look into.