Kerala, India, is an epicenter of Indian-origin home design.

It’s also a hotbed of interest for designers from all over the world.

Here are some of the home design tips that have helped me to come up with the most interesting designs for Kerala home designs.1.

The “tombstone” theme: As with many of the designs in Kerala, the traditional “tombs” on the main house are also part of the theme.

The traditional design of a tombstone is to surround the home with white sandstone, to create a sense of depth and openness, as well as to remind people of their past.

The white sand is placed on the side of the house, as a reminder of their ancestral roots.2.

The naturalistic, contemporary look: In this home, we found that the traditional style of traditional Indian architecture, the domed houses, was not as popular in Kerala.

This meant that the architects needed to find innovative ways to incorporate naturalistic elements.

One of these was to use an elaborate, hand-painted wall, which gives the home a new, organic feel.

The architecture in this home also has a more contemporary style than the traditional domed homes, which are more traditional and feature a more traditional architectural design.3.

The modern design: In the home we found a more modern look to the design, with a modern palette.

The design of the kitchen is a natural extension of the traditional Indian cuisine, and includes traditional Indian dishes, like chai, coconut, and rice.

The kitchen also has an extensive storage area, and the walls of the storage area are painted with red and green colours, creating a natural and organic look.4.

The simple elegance: The design emphasizes the simplicity of the design.

The minimalist approach of the main building, as opposed to the extravagant architectural details of the domes and wall, is a great way to bring the essence of the original design into the home.5.

The boldness: The use of red and blue colors on the walls and the furniture adds to the simplicity and elegance of the project.

The color palette in this design is very bold and vibrant.6.

The high end: The cost of this home design is high, but the design is not as high-end as you might think.

This home is in the upper-end category, but is not too far from the more traditional, traditional homes in Kerala that you might find in rural areas.

This means that the design works well in a rural area.

The designs in this Kerala home were all made in-house, so it’s a great alternative to buying the traditional designs in the country.7.

The quality of the materials: There are many traditional styles and styles of Indian architecture that are not in use in Kerala today.

The use a high-quality construction material is a very important aspect of the Kerala design.8.

The style of the walls: This is another unique feature of this design.

As in traditional Indian homes, the wall is covered with a white wall paint that is used to create the appearance of being stone.

This creates a naturalistic effect, and it helps to highlight the simplicity, as it gives the house a more organic look than a traditional design.9.

The scale: The home is very small, and yet it has an elegant design that makes it stand out from other homes in the area.

This makes the design stand out even more.10.

The colour palette: The house was designed with a green palette, which is one of the most popular Indian colours.

This was also a great choice to incorporate some of these colour combinations, such as the yellow colour, which was chosen for the garden.