Italy is a big country, but its inhabitants are so far apart geographically and culturally that choosing a place to live in can feel like a difficult task.

There are hundreds of cities, each with their own style and tastes.

Some are small, some are big, and some are small enough to live and work in.

The Italian home design scene is dominated by small, family-oriented neighborhoods, where you’ll find Italian architecture, classic Italian crafts, and a great deal of craftsmanship.

In this article, we’ll outline the top Italian home designs.1.

Giusto di Fiori di Liguria2.

Giuso di Sibiu3.

Sibiès di Ligi4.

Tuscany 5.



San Giustino8.

Bocchetti di Riva9.

Cerna di San Giorgio10.


Lecce di Siena12.


Piazza delle Rialto14.

Storia di Venezia15.



Palazzo di Capri17.

Cappello di Santa Maria18.

Biblioteca di Toscana19.

Tresor di Bolognese20.

Piedmonti17The best Italian homes:1.

St. Peter’s Church in Rome2.

Palombo house in Italy3.

Cervinia house in the Italian Alps4.

Sienese castle in Switzerland5.

Palamino in Sicily6.

Monte Carlo house in Naples7.

Stiletto villa in Italy8.

Villa del Monte in the Alps9.

Villa Borghese in France10.

Alfa Romeo house in Monte Carlo11.

La Mascarena in Italy12.

Villa di Montecarlo in Italy13.

Villa Santa María in Italy14.

Villa Sant’Agostino in Italy15.

Villa Vergata in Italy16.

Villa San Stefano in Italy17.

Villa Filippo in Italy18.

Villa St. John in Italy19.

Villa Francesco in Italy20.

Villa Moncada in ItalyThe best Spanish homes:This article was originally published on October 25, 2018.

It has been updated to reflect the latest news in home design.