Florida home designers are taking on the home decor world with their new designs.

The homes in their latest collection are designed to evoke the feel of the Florida Keys.

The designer homes are designed in a classic beach style, but they’re all functional.

There are some modern touches, like the water view and the wooden plank patio, but there’s nothing to make them stand out.

The designers say the house looks and feels like an island in the middle of the bay.

“This is the most iconic Florida location for a beach house,” says the blog.

“You’ll have a beach view of the beach and a quiet beach, surrounded by nature and the bay.”

Fargo native Jennifer LeCouteur was among the first to submit a design for the collection.

She says the home looks like an oasis in a sea of houses in the Keys.

“It has that classic look and feel, yet has a touch of contemporary, contemporary design,” she says.

The home has been on LeCueur’s mind for a while.

“I’ve been thinking about it since I moved to Florida from London in 2009,” she said.

LeCoteur said she’s always wanted to create a home that was as beautiful as the natural surroundings.

“It has to be beautiful, it has to have that classic beach feel,” she explained.

LeCatteur and her husband, Sean, bought the house in 2011 and they hope to sell it someday.