Designers from around the world have gathered in Mexico City to discuss a new home design project called the “home design” website.

The website, which launched on Monday, will allow users to design a home using a range of different home materials and themes.

Users can then share their designs on the site, and other people can comment on the designs and suggestions.

The project aims to offer a new type of content for people to share, and it’s the first project of its kind to be hosted in Mexico.

The site is a collaboration between two local architects who are also working on the “mexico home design” project.

In addition to the design team, the project has been supported by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), a Mexico City-based architecture school.

The first three months of the project will focus on the technical aspects of the site.

The other two months will focus primarily on social media and the content.

The home designs will be designed in collaboration with local designers, and the designers will collaborate with Mexican media to produce and share the designs.

The main focus will be on the design of the exterior of the home, which will be made up of panels and wood paneling.

The design will include the interior of the house as well as the interior living spaces and furnishings.

In some cases, the home design will feature an exterior living space.

Other areas of the design will be influenced by Mexican culture, such as the way of life in the home and the way the people living there react to the home.

In other cases, design elements will be based on real-world materials and the themes.

For example, in some cases the designs will use real wood or a mix of materials, such a birch, fir and other woods.

Other themes are influenced by local customs, traditions, and architectural styles.

For instance, in the case of the interior, Mexican wood panels and fabric will be used.

Some of the designs may be inspired by Mexico’s traditional dress code, which requires the home to be clean, and in some areas the designs have a certain aesthetic.

Some examples of design elements include traditional motifs such as a fireplace, a pool table, and a patio, or an overall theme of the building that may include different textures or patterns of wood.

The idea is to give a wide range of options to design, from traditional designs to new designs.

There will also be a variety of types of home design that will be offered on the website, including one- and two-bedroom apartments, two- and three-bedroom houses, two and three bedroom homes, three- and four-bedroom homes, and four and five bedroom homes.

The team is also working with local architects to create materials and designs that will create a sense of the natural surroundings of the homes.

Designers will be able to customize their homes according to their own preferences.

“It will give a sense to the city that they are a city that is a little bit different than what we’ve seen before,” said Carlos Hernandez, one of the designers of the website.

Hernandez added that the goal is to provide a platform for the public to design their homes and to create an environment where they can participate in the community, as well.

The group plans to host an exhibition in October.

The international collaboration of designers and developers has already been widely publicized, with the Mexican government even announcing it was partnering with the group on its official website.

And Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto has also publicly embraced the project, which is part of the government’s efforts to promote innovation in the country’s manufacturing sector.