Home design is a highly personal matter for a lot of Australians.

But, when it comes to the red colour scheme, there’s a lot that’s at stake.

And, for many of us, the design of our home is a matter of choice.

So what do you want your new home to be?

And how can you tell if your home is really red?

I spoke to home decorator and former National Review columnist, Mike Dolan, about the red home design trend. 

Dolan has spent decades working with the Red Ribbon Society to find ways to enhance and celebrate reds.

The Red Ribbon movement was founded by former National Council of Social Services (NCSS) executive director John Stapley in 1976. 

“We really wanted to do something about reds,” Dolan says. 

He began to think about the way in which the colour scheme was perceived in society. 

At the time, people in the US were struggling with the idea of race in the 1960s, so the Red Scare, and its attendant fear of the Black Panthers, was a real issue for many people.

“We thought it was the best way to go about addressing that issue and get a sense of the way people were thinking about things and how they were living their lives,” Danko says.

“So we went out and we looked at what people thought of the colour red, and what they were thinking of reds.”

Dolan says he found the Red Flag Theory to be particularly important.

“It said that the red is the most important colour, and that red is perceived to be the most positive colour,” he says.

“So when you see a house with red in it, that says that that’s what people are thinking about, that that represents the best in their life, the most fun and that they’re enjoying their life.

It was an important idea that was important to people.

We wanted to make a statement.”

What do you think about red design trends?

Have you had any red home designs?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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