New York City home design has taken a backseat to the Manhattan skyline for many years, but it seems to be getting a new lease of life.

A new designer called The New Yorker has created an apartment with a simple design that has many elements of a Manhattan home, and it was recently featured on Style Weekly.

New Yorker founder and CEO Ryan McMullen explained the inspiration behind the project, which he called “New York City’s newest urban home.”

The New York Times describes McMullens “New Yorker” apartment as “a modernist house with a New Yorker twist.”

The building is located at 10th and Ditmars, and is on the market for $3 million.

It’s the first time McMulles family has been featured on the magazine’s Style Weekly list.

McMullan said that his wife, Sarah, and his mother, Barbara, “loved” the apartment.

“My parents loved it,” McMullans mother Barbara told Style Weekly, and he added, “I loved my mom.

I loved my dad.

I think she loved it as well.”

The apartment was designed by McMullenburg with architectural designer Peter Hausdorff.

The New Yorkers design team was able to incorporate elements of the architectural styles of the Manhattan neighborhood, as well as the style of the city itself.

The building includes an open plan courtyard that opens to a central courtyard that includes the apartment, a pool and a balcony.

The apartment also features a small garden, which is a nod to the home’s location.

The new house has an open kitchen with a large pantry, and a two-car garage.

McMulans mother, Sarah McMullis, told Style: “We have a large living room and a kitchenette with a big tub and a large sauna.”

McMulliks father, Mike, also commented on the house, saying, “We wanted it to be contemporary and a modernist look.

It was a very New Yorker feel.

We wanted to create an apartment that reflected that.

I feel like it’s the most iconic of all New York’s buildings.”

The home is also home to two cats, a dog and a guinea pig.

McMULLEN: “My wife loves it.

She loves it.”

Sarah McMULLIS: “I think she loves it as much as the building itself.”

In addition to the apartments, The New Englanders new house also features an apartment pool and rooftop terrace, which was recently shown on the latest episode of the show “Designing with Designers.”

It’s unclear what exactly will happen with the apartment when it is finished, but McMull’s mother told Style that the “big thing” is that the home will be shared.

“It’s very much part of the family,” Barbara said.

“We’re all involved in the design and building.”