A new design tool called Sync is now available for the home design community.

The tool is designed to help designers keep track of how their lights and fans are performing and sync up the home with their smart home.

A single click on the Sync button will allow users to set the brightness and color settings, adjust the color temperature, and even set timers to control lights and fan speed.

This can be done from within the home automation settings.

When users set timers for the lights and they’re not working, they can manually trigger them from the Sync app.

The Sync app also has a “smart home” option to automatically turn on lights and change fan speeds when they’re turned on, or the app will automatically sync the lights to your smart light system.

For a more in-depth look at how the app works, check out our hands-on with the Sync tool.

If you’re looking for a more complete overview of how to use Sync, check the developer’s blog.

This is one of the first tools we’ve seen for the Home Automation community, and it shows how developers can take control of smart home settings while still maintaining a simple interface.

For those that don’t know how to set timers, there are two ways to set them: from within an app, or from a simple timer control panel in the Home Assistant home automation interface.

The app is easy to use and will allow the user to set up timers, or set them up automatically when they aren’t working.

Sync allows the user and their home automation device to synchronize, and that is important for a lot of homes.

When you have multiple devices that are using the same network connection, you need to be able to easily switch devices and manage your settings.

It is important to note that Sync is currently only for smart lights, and will likely expand to other smart home technologies as well.

If Sync is your favorite home automation tool, we’re going to be reviewing more of its other features in the coming months.

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