The first house in a new city to go up for sale, a $1.9 million condo tower in Vancouver, B.C., is priced above average.

The second, a luxury penthouse on the Upper West Side, is also more expensive, at $2.3 million.

The price tag for a three-bedroom condo in New York’s Greenwich Village is the most expensive in the U.S. It is the second most expensive on the market, at an estimated $2,521,900.

The third house is in the $1 million to $2 million range, according to real estate website Zillow.

The fourth house is $1 to $1,000 million, Zillows said.

That means that while prices can be up, they’re not necessarily falling, and may even be rising.

The U.K. home market has been one of the worst performing in the world in the last three years, according a report released this month by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

The UK is also home to the world’s most expensive apartment market, which is estimated to be worth $832,000, according for the research firm.

Some of the most costly places in the United States to buy a home include the San Francisco Bay Area, where prices are at an all-time high.

In the U-S., there are also some hot housing markets in California, Arizona, Texas, New York, Colorado and Florida.

The market in Colorado has seen some price increases.

The number of people in the Bay Area has also been on a tear over the past few years.

San Francisco is home to one of California’s largest housing markets, which has seen prices soar by more than 400 percent over the last decade.

San Francisco, which recently approved $1 billion in new taxes to help offset the impact of the city’s water crisis, has seen the average price for a two-bedroom home increase by nearly 25 percent since 2015.

The average price of a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco increased an average of 29.3 percent, according Rentrak.

A number of other U.s have seen big price increases, such as the Bay area, which saw the average number of houses sell in 2016 jump more than 100 percent from last year.

That’s due in part to a shortage of homes being built, according Tojo.

The median home price in the nation has been hovering around $1 trillion since the year 2000, according Zillower.

In 2016, median home values rose by $2 trillion to $3,079,200.

But this year, the median price of homes in the city of New York is more than $1-million higher than the year before.

The median price in New Jersey is $3.7 million.