The New York Giants are the most prominent team in the NFL with its new home, the new $1.8 billion MetLife Stadium, but many other teams have a home that looks like the one in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

The new $2.9 billion Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., was designed by architect Frank Gehry and is the most ornate.

But some of the most popular stadiums in the world are actually home to smaller, more intimate stadiums.

In the NFL, that’s not necessarily the case.

Many stadiums have been redesigned and upgraded over the years, but the NFL’s design guidelines remain the same.

Here’s a look at the most iconic NFL stadiums.

The Dallas Cowboys’ stadium is in Arlington, Texas, and the new stadium is almost exactly the same as the one featured in the 2012 movie The Matrix.

The new stadium at Soldier Field in Chicago, the home of the Chicago Bears, is designed to be “like a theater” according to a 2012 Chicago Tribune article.

The most famous NFL stadium, however, is that of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The stadium opened in 2003 and was renamed in 2011.

This new stadium has a much more subdued look and a more futuristic design.

It was also the home for the first two Super Bowls, but fans who live and die in the stadium will never be able to see the Super Bowl in person.

The Philadelphia Eagles play in the home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals, which was recently renovated to include a retractable roof.