When you think of home design, it’s hard to escape the idea of a sleek, minimalist home.

However, if you’re a home designer, it may come as a shock to learn that home design consultant Lisa Atherton’s childhood home in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the most iconic home designs in Australia.

Lisa was born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne, but moved to the city in her early 20s.

After attending Melbourne University, she worked for many years as a home design and interior design consultant for some of the country’s biggest home and home improvement companies.

“I’ve always loved the way the home was designed and thought it was an ideal place to live, work and socialise,” Lisa told Al Jazeera.

“It’s a place that’s been my home since I was a young girl, and I’m always looking forward to visiting it every time I’m home.”

The house in question is located in the Victorian town of Maitland, in the city’s north.

It was originally built by John Mackenzie in the mid-1850s, when he was working as a labourer at a nearby cotton mill.

It is a two-storey structure that has since been converted into a luxury home, with an attached swimming pool, gym, kitchen and guest house.

The home has been a permanent fixture in the Maitlands household for more than two centuries, and is considered by many to be the birthplace of home building in Australia, and the countrys most famous architect, John Macklen.

Lisa said that the home, like many other Victorian homes of the era, was designed to look like a natural landscape.

“This house has always had a very natural feel,” she said.

“The house is a mixture of stone, brick and concrete, and it’s a classic Victorian style with lots of curves, which gives the house an interesting look.”

In the early 1900s, many of the Victorian houses were built on top of the ground, so you can imagine that the ground level is really the first floor.

“I love the way they’re built in such a natural way.””

My favourites are the bedrooms and dining rooms,” she says.

“I love the way they’re built in such a natural way.”

The home, which is located on a plot of land that was previously a tobacco plantation, is currently owned by the city of Melbourne.

However since the 1980s, it has been managed by a community organisation called The Maitlander Estate, which manages the property.

Lisa’s passion for the home is evident from the way it is maintained.

“Every house is maintained as if it’s its own little city,” she explained.

“People come and go every year.

It’s a beautiful home.”