“Black Lives matter” protesters have been accused of killing a man after his death, and a woman was charged with murder and rape.

Authorities have said the deaths occurred Wednesday night in the southern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, but the local police have refused to confirm the accusations.

In a statement released on Thursday, the city’s police chief, Alain Chikane, said that an unknown person had “killed” a man and injured two others.

According to Chikene, the suspect, who is from the southern city of Yobe, was attacked at a bus stop.

The suspect, Chikalee said, then attacked the woman and her friends, killing one and wounding two.

“This man died on the spot,” Chikanae said.

“His death is being investigated by the police.”

According to a witness, the two women were then dragged from the bus by the suspect and assaulted.

The police statement said the man’s death was due to “non-medical causes.”

According of the statement, “Police arrested a man on suspicion of murder and assault” after the man was discovered lying on the ground near a building housing local government offices.

The victim was then identified as Tjelal Njemane, who lived in the area.

A police spokesperson, Mokhtar Ahmed, said the woman was arrested at the scene and would be formally charged with rape and murder.

According of Chikine, “the victim was a white man.”

He added that police were working with the Nigerian National Police to establish the identity of the suspect.

The investigation into the alleged attack was ongoing, Chikae said in a statement.