Home design has been around since the dawn of civilization, but today it’s a very specific field.

We’re seeing more and more designers take the plunge into the world of traditional home design.

We spoke with traditional home designer Adam Zawadzki, who’s had a hand in designing many of the most iconic homes in history, about how he approaches designing a home.

Adam ZawadaZawada has designed a lot of different things over the years.

In 2010, he designed a small home in California called The Village in honor of his friend and co-founder, the late musician Bob Marley.

“I wanted to have a small space and a very beautiful, very simple home that was simple but elegant,” Zawadas told Mashable.

“I wanted a place where I could sit in my chair and listen to music.”

The Village was a success, but Zawdadas knew he wanted to take the next step.

The new home in his backyard was inspired by a real-life experience he had at his grandmothers home.

“My grandmother was in her late 80s, and she died at 83,” Zavada said.

Zawadas’ grandmother was a big believer in traditional living.

He decided to have her sit in the living room and listen.

The space was made from oak, white, and reclaimed, and the furniture was a vintage chandelier and a wooden desk.

When it was done, he said, “I thought, This is exactly what I want to do.

This is what I need to be doing.

I don’t want to go to a modern design home.

I want a very traditional home.”

After much consideration, he decided to go with a simple, yet sophisticated style.

Zawads grandmother was able to make the most of the space and the house.

At the time, it was a beautiful, rustic home.

But the year passed and Zawda realized his grandmother would not be able to come back to live at the home, so he decided it was time to change.

With that in mind, Zawades grandmother was given permission to live out of the house, and he and his wife, Susan, started a small-scale project to renovate the home.

This project is called The Manor.

As a part of the renovations, the Zavadas took the traditional elements of their home and added some modern touches.

Zavades mother-in-law, who he says “was one of the nicest, most loving people I know,” was the architect of the home for a time.

They built a custom-designed, two-story brick house, which was later removed and replaced with a wood-framed, wooden-floored home.

And they added a custom kitchen and dining room with an attached bathroom.

From there, Zavados decided to do more of his own custom work.

“For me, that’s my passion,” he said.

“If I don [do it], I’m not going to be able.

I’ll be out of business.”

Zawda said he and Susan also began building a small, family-oriented, backyard community that they would use to spend time together.

“It was an opportunity to be in the backyard and share and be part of something with other people and to get to know each other,” he told Mashables.

“A really beautiful thing to do.”

Zavadas wife, who is also an artist, also has an interest in traditional home architecture.

He said he likes to work with artists, and that he’s “always looking for new ways to design a house.”