When you’re considering a home for your family, you may want to consider its size and its style, says architect Elad Al-Shirazi.

The Israeli-American is the architect behind several large-scale designs, including the large-format home that opened in the Old City of Jerusalem in 2006.

The new design of the home, which is designed to fit within the confines of the city’s existing buildings, is currently on view at the Herzliya Contemporary Design Festival in Israel.

Al-Sharazi said that if you are considering a larger-scale home for a family, there are many options to choose from.

For example, you can go with a more conventional style that will fit within your current building and your family’s living space.

Alternatively, you could go with something more modern that will accommodate a more open plan, a more modern design that will take advantage of the new open space, or a more contemporary design that’s not only more modern but also is more compact and can fit in your current buildings.

But let’s start with what is available now in the marketplace.

According to Al-Masry Al Youm, an Israeli news website, the market is growing for home designs based on the contemporary home, a style that combines modern design with traditional elements.

“This is a style of design that reflects modernity and is designed for people of a contemporary and modern age,” Al-Youm wrote.

“It offers a new outlook to a building that has lost its traditional beauty.”

The style, which was developed by renowned Israeli architect, Zvi Bar-Lev, is based on modernist design and has been described as “architectural realism,” which translates as “modernism without pretensions.”

Al-Ma’ariv reported that the style is being marketed by several home design companies.

Al Sharazi told Al-Haq that the new home will be available on August 11 at a price of $4 million.

“We’re excited about the idea of the modern home and the idea that it can accommodate a wide range of people,” Al Sharavi said.

“Our aim is to have the product to meet the requirements of a wide variety of people, so we have to be creative and we have lots of possibilities for the market.”

For more information about the Herzliya Contemporary Design, visit the website.

Al Ma’ariva reported that Al Sharadi said the new design will be showcased at the International Contemporary Design Conference and Exhibition in Herzliyah.

It is scheduled to be on display from September 14 to September 20.