The design trend has finally made its way back to the UK, and the ARHome is here to keep the lights on and the lights out with its minimalist and elegant designs.

The designs are inspired by the natural elements of the UK landscape, such as the hills, the fields and the river.

The home is not just a place for the owners to sit and relax, it is a space for creative expression.

The ARHome features a modern design with minimalistic touches, including the curved ceiling, a classic staircase, a traditional wood fireplace, a glass-fronted bathroom and a modern fireplace.

The main drawcard of the home is the curved top, which creates a 360-degree view of the room, allowing the user to appreciate the views and view the room from different angles.

The design is designed to be functional, yet elegant and has a minimalist approach to the design.

It is built using reclaimed wood, and it is fully customizable to fit your lifestyle.