A new report from a leading home design consultancy has claimed that designers in the country are far more likely to design a home for work and home than designers in other parts of the world.

Key points:Home design firm AEDT has analysed the design of 2.5 million homes across IndiaThe report has identified five key areas where home design could be improved in IndiaThis is the fifth report in a series by the AEDI-India-India Collaborative, which was commissioned by a major multinational company to assess home design in India.

The report is the result of analysing the home designs of 2,934 people in over 70 cities and towns across the country.

The study found that in the five key design areas identified, there were far more homes designed for work than homes designed by home designers in countries like the UK, France, and the US.

Home design consultancy AEDS said the report identified a number of trends that were particularly promising in the Indian market.

It identified that, in addition to being more likely than other countries to be highly-educated, the majority of Indian home designers are also highly-motivated and motivated to design homes for their own personal needs.

In addition, AED says, a number are keen to incorporate their knowledge and skills into their designs.

“The report identified five core areas where Indian designers could make significant improvements in the design and operation of their homes, including improved communication and teamwork, greater emphasis on aesthetics, and better planning for sustainability,” AED said in a statement.

The findings are based on a study conducted by AED.

The organisation is based in New Delhi, India.

It provides design services to companies in the health, energy, retail, and hospitality sectors, as well as government and private companies.AEDS is part of a consortium that was set up to study the home market in India from the perspective of both designers and home buyers.

The consortium is the first of its kind in the world, with a focus on home design.

A large number of international design firms have been hired by local and international firms to undertake the study.

The AED study has been released as a free online resource to the public.

It can be accessed through a search engine and can be downloaded here.

In a statement, Aed said the data was provided to the consortium by its consultants to assess the home design landscape in India and the opportunities for improvement.

“This data has been collected through surveys and interviews of the design teams, the buyers, and home owners, and it provides us with an in-depth view of the market, where we can start to improve our work,” Aed spokesperson said.