A metal home design studio has won the inaugural Design Award at the Australian Design Awards.

The Metal Homes Designers Association of Australia (MHDA) announced the award at its 2016 convention in Canberra on Thursday.

The award recognises a “new wave of home designers” who are making their mark on the craft of home design.

“The Metal Home Designers Award recognises the design and engineering expertise that has taken metal home making to a new level,” MHDA president David Jorgensen said.

“From the humble beginnings of a couple of years ago, the MHDA has grown into a world-leading body of experienced metal home designers.”

“There are metal home and metal design professionals in Australia who have the ability and the experience to design the perfect metal residence and house, and have created a range of unique, innovative designs.”

Metal is one of the most versatile and durable building materials on the market.

It can be used for a variety of purposes including building walls, roofs, roofs of boats, walls of vehicles, walls for storage and even furniture and appliances.

Metal is a popular building material, with more than half of all new home designs being metal.

Metal can be painted or coated with various paints, including aluminium, aluminium oxide, aluminium carbonate, carbonate bronze, nickel, zinc and tin.

The MHDA’s Metal Home Awards nominations were revealed at its conference on Thursday morning.

“As a house builder, you are building your home from the ground up and the metal home is one way you can do this,” Mr Jorgenson said.

The metal home designer’s role is to ensure that every aspect of a home is built using the most sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and to ensure there is a design approach that works for the individual owner and the neighbourhood.

“If you are designing a metal home, you need to think about how the house will perform and how it will be accessible for the family,” Mr Dreyer said.

He said that the metal designer was the best at creating a design that reflects the owner’s needs.

“It is the owner who decides how they want to use the space and what they want the home to look like, so it is important to think of that,” Mr Wray said.

Metal homes are a key part of the design process for many home builders.

“Metal is the perfect material to make a wall or a roof.

You can use metal to build the roof or to build a wall in a space that can be easily accessed,” Mr Roddick said.

A new wave of metal home stylesMr Jorgens said the new wave was driven by the changing needs of the modern home owner.

“We are living in a world of technology and technology is changing everything, so the home is changing with it.”

You can’t have a modern house without the home that you have in your backyard,” Mr Hoehn said.

Mr Jørnen said the metal house design was one that was “perfect for the modern person”.”

If we have a house that is designed for a certain lifestyle, it might be more suitable for a woman, or it might not be appropriate for a man,” he said.

But Mr Wryne said it was important to remember that a home designed for the first time was not necessarily the most appropriate home.”

I would not design a house for a house which was designed for an old man who was walking around in a wheelchair,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

So you need a home that is appropriate for the age range, for the lifestyle.