By Michael Zullo, Business Insider Home design can be hard to nail down, but a new home design software called Homescan can make it easier.

Home design software company Homescan is selling its first batch of software that helps designers create beautiful, functional home designs.

The software lets you pick from a list of designs that includes: a wood-framed fireplace, a glass front door, a classic black-and-white striped rug, and a vintage kitchen.

The home designs can then be uploaded to Homescan’s cloud, where other designers can create custom designs for your home.

You can then use the software to customize your designs and share them with friends, family, and colleagues.

Users can even set up the software on their own to create more personalized homes.

The new software is an update to HomesCAN’s previous software, which launched in February.

It was originally designed for designers who want to customize a home’s appearance and mood, but the company recently launched Homescan Pro, which allows users to create custom homes.

The new software can also be used to create a home design that includes elements like a garage door or a patio.

You just need to pick from the available designs.

The website lets users preview their homes by viewing them in different room configurations.

The homescan homepage shows photos and video of each home, and you can also choose to share a design with your friends.

Users can upload their own designs for the homescan website to HomesCan Pro, and the company will upload the design to Homes can, which will then create it for you.

Users must choose to upload a design from the Homescan website, or they will be able to customize their own homes.

Users upload a home to Homes CAN on the website.

It will take approximately three weeks for Homescan to build and then send the design.

Once the design is uploaded to homescan, it will then be available for users to download, which can be done on their smartphones or tablets.

Once the design has been downloaded, it can be downloaded for free from Homescan.

The company charges $50 for each design, which is cheaper than other software that has the Homes can name.

Homescan has also made an app for iOS and Android that allows users of both platforms to create and share their own custom homes, called HomesCAN Home.

The Homescan app is a great way to use Homescan and Homescan Home.

It lets you easily share a beautiful, unique home design with friends and family.

Users also have the ability to share and edit their designs, as well as create a custom design for their home, with a few clicks.

The company is currently working on a desktop version of Homescan for Mac and Linux.

We’ve reached out to Homescans home software company for more information about how Homescan plans to launch its new products.